Riveting Tales of Being a Writer in Your Twenties

All the old stories and fairy tales began with “Once Upon a Time.” Nowadays, they begin with an ambitious (or bored) writer and a laptop at a dimly lit coffee shop who has an inkling of an idea of how to add to the literary community. Once Upon a Time has become how many lattes can I drink before I die? How many words can I type before my hands fall off? How many things will I miss just to accomplish my dreams?

As a writer in her twenties, I’m beginning to understand why people say writing is a tiring and lonely (but rewarding) endeavor. Our twenties are already a trying time, what with “quarter-life crises” and the small number of nice guys on Tinder, and being a writer in your twenties can make it even more so.

I want this blog to encompass the horror and beauty, the loneliness and success of declaring yourself a writer in your twenties. We all have ups and downs and what’s success without a little bit (or a lot) of failure?

In this blog, I will share the woes and joys I experience as a writer as well as the experiences of other writers hoping to make a name for themselves.

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